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Get Out of My Books! July 10, 2010

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If there’s one thing I take seriously, it’s my books. Which is why I’m not super pleased with Texas sticking their nose in my education. I’m sure you’ve heard something about their selective view of history, but I’ll repeat a few points.

1. Country music is a worthwile part of our culture; hip hop isn’t.

2. Jefferson Davis’s speeches should be studied alongside Abraham Lincoln’s.

3.  Thomas Jefferson should be glossed over due to his support for ‘separation of church and state’.

4. McCarthy and his witch hunts were justified.

5. Line drawings of breasts showing health students how to self – exam are thrown out. Better to die of breast cancer than scar young, innocent eyes.

6. The founders of the US had strong Christian beliefs. (Many of them were Deists, look it up. Honestly.)

So, anyway, you get the picture. I wish we could get over bias – whether left or right – and just tell children the facts. I know history is written by the victor, and is often conflicting, but can’t we paint the clearest picture we can. I like the truth how it is, whether black or white or rainbow. We owe every generation that much.

I’m just glad that the IB program’s books need to meet international standards, and so are less likely to be affected by Texas. However, my younger brother is taking basic US History next year… and we’ll see what his textbooks tell him.…/66-postcards2.html

Screw that, Texas. Don’t mess with me!


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