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Wait… What Just Happened? July 12, 2010

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As this is a blog for a ‘compulsive writer’, I figured it was high time to write a post about… writing.

If any of you have written anything, you know that it’s a spur of the moment thing. No matter how much you’ve planned, no matter how many little character charts you’ve drawn out in detail, once you sit down at that keyboard the words have free range. New characters, scenes, plot lines just blossom out of nowhere, demanding to be added in. And who are you to deny them? In the end of a typing session, I often find myself with things I’ve never expected.

Sometimes these changes aren’t just unexpected, they’re completely… strange. It’s one thing if you have no idea what you’re doing. When I was doing NaNoWriMo my first year (if you have no idea what that is, I’ll explain in another post) I started out with a title and an image. Everything else was ad libbed. So in that situation, I couldn’t be surprised with weird things sprouting from my fingers. However, if you have a story idea planned out and come across something unexpected while executing it, that’s when you just have to sit back in your chair and ask, “What the **** just happened?”

New York Times Crossword Puzzle

For example, I was working on a simple short story about two people who meet at a dance and break up at the next one. It was supposed to be just a snapshot of a typical, short teenage relationship. So I’m just typing along, and then I realize I’ve thrown in an abusive ex-boyfriend and psychological problems. Definitely a WTF moment. What was I supposed to do? I went along with it. Anyway, sometimes these last minute add – ins can really help your story along. Other times, they just look disjointed and random. The last thing you want your reader to do is lean back in their chair and ask, “What the **** just happened?”


One Response to “Wait… What Just Happened?”

  1. kelmetsharaf Says:

    It is great just to be in the mood of writing. Writing about how the writers write, what do they need to start writing, how easy does it go, etc…

    Well, I don’t think any writer should care about those readers, you shouldn’t care less. Some day they will adapt.

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