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Twilight… Not For Kids Anymore July 16, 2010

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I did a double take when I saw this article linked to the news page.

‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’ to have sex scenes? Melissa Rosenberg says it’s possible

Melissa Rosenberg, who turned the Twilight novels into the blockbuster Twilight Saga films, is setting out to please many Twi-hards with the Saga’s final Breaking Dawn films.

I don’t think we’re planning to shy away from anything,” she told “I think the birth should be as horrifying as it is in the novel. The sex scenes should be as scintillating as they are in the novel, as erotic as they are in the novel. All of it, I think we should see all of it.”

Excerpt from

Anyway, I think it’s safe to say that 12 year old fangirls will not be allowed in. Heck, if it’s R anyone under 17 needs parental accompaniment. That slices a huge chunk out of the target audience. I can see the girls at my school sobbing now.

I’ve never had much respect for Twilight movies. I’ve seen the first one, and I didn’t recognize a single scene from the book. Obviously they took significant liberties. However, it pulled in the fans and made loads of money, so they were doing something right.

However, now it appears that the directors are keeping scenes from the book instead of adjusting the movie to get more viewers. How does that work? We’ll see, when the movie/s come out and legions of upset middle schoolers are turned away from the theater doors.

(And for the record, Breaking Dawn’s sort-of-there-sort-of-not sex scenes are not scintillating. Or erotic. Nuff said.)…


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