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Is it Getting Hot in Here? July 18, 2010

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It’s really hot where I am, and I’m not alone. All over the country, heck, in places all over the world, record heat is beating down. Global warming, anyone?

Actually, the term global warming is misleading. Global climate change is more appropriate. There will be extremes on both sides – hotter summers and colder winters. So people inland are screwed, because they already have extreme temperatures. Now they’ll have to endure summers of 110 and winters of -20. On the other hand, people on the coast will find their homes underwater. So everyone loses.

Now it’s possible that this is the result of natural cycles. It’s also popular it’s caused by human activity. Since we haven’t had recorded history for billions of years, it’s difficult to know for sure. But it doesn’t really matter. We should still treat the Earth well, no matter what. What can you do to help?

Turn off your lights, lower your heating/AC, and carpool. It saves energy, and most of all it saves money. And in America, everything’s about money. I don’t know why more people don’t do this. No matter if we’re causing global warming or not, it can’t hurt to help the Earth and save some cash. Why not?

And in the end, no matter how much the temperature changes, and how many continents flood, we’ll never really kill the Earth. It’s sort of impossible to destroy. What we need to worry about is ourselves. As Malcolm says in Jurassic Park by Michael Crichton, “The earth is not in danger. We are in danger. We do not have the power to destroy the earth – or to save it. But we may have the power to save ourselves.”

Turn off a light. Crank the AC down 3 or 4 degrees. Save yourselves.


One Response to “Is it Getting Hot in Here?”

  1. Your Little Brother of Doom!!! Says:

    Hi! I just read until this post (probably to your annoyance) and I have got to say I like it. See you! 8-]

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