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Mosque Ado About Nothing July 20, 2010

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Apparently there’s a mosque being built near Ground Zero. Big deal. Wait, not just a mosque, a community center. It’ll have sports, a swimming pool, and yes… prayer areas. So what?

Apparently, some people think every Muslim, even those that are American citizens, are likely to start destroying buildings and killing people if we let them ‘win’. And apparently, their victory hinges on a community center. How strange.

I think the argument is something like, Radical Muslims crashed into the Twin Towers. Therefore, we will try to oppress innocent non-radical Muslims even more by preventing them from building anything nearby. Some see it as a slap in the face. I see it as a good business strategy. That community center is going to get lots of customers… assuming some radical Christian doesn’t torch it once it’s built, that is.

If we are going to say that a religion can’t build any house of worship – or community center – next to an area they’ve damaged or destroyed, non-Muslims are going to run into problems too. We can’t build churches by sites where abortion facilities were bombed by Christian terrorists. We also can’t have churches by homes that had a cross burned in their yards by the KKK. And we definitely can’t have any holy buildings of any faith by schools. That’s a scene of religion-induced mass destruction if I’ve ever seen one.”But wait,” people cry. “Surely the KKK and abortion bombers were extremist Christians. Most Christians would never do anything like that.”

My response? “Look around. Look at your coworkers, your classmates, your friends, your family. Someone in there is probably Muslim. Do you see them crashing planes into buildings? No. Why not? Because the group that does that is a radical terrorist group. It’s not the norm.”

And seriously, a community center? Get a grip, people.


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