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How Will it End? July 28, 2010

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Since Mockingjay isn’t coming out for, like, another month, people are forced to wonder what will happen. Which boy will she pick? Who will live, who will die? Will there be a happy ending? Therefore, even though authors have limited control over their covers, a lot of cover analysis is going down.


Observe the first cover, the Hunger Games. First, the color. Black can be speculated to mean death, night, or coal. Nothing cheery.  Second, the circles. They are whole, and the bird is surrounded by a circle as well – the circle of the pin. Finally, the bird. Obviously it means Katniss, as she is called the Mockingjay in the second book. It is the pin Madge gave her, and it holds an arrow just so you can be sure it’s her.

Second book. Colors: blood, dawn/dusk, flames. Circles: still whole. The center one is divided in 12, showing the arena, but also placing a target on the bird. She’s being watched. The bird itself now has more detail, and is not completely confined to the circle – its wings poke out.

Last book. Colors: freedom, daytime, the hottest part of the fire. Circles: You can see the center one has been shattered, showing a break from the neverending cycle. The bird is real and flying away, escaping. All signs point to a happy ending.

To put the colors together, they could mean: death, blood, freedom; coal, flames, hottest part of the fire; or night, dawn/dusk, daytime. All showing an end to the madness. But at what cost?


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