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Ugh… Whatever August 2, 2010

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I have nothing to post today, so I’ll just talk about some posts I’ll be doing in the future.

Fred Phelps Protest – They don’t come to every location they put on their site. So they might not show, which would really be too bad. I’ve been working my hand off making signs. Blocking everything out and making sure the spacing is right is hard. I almost cried when I realized the ‘TOLERA’ of tolerance needed to be erased and rewritten. Thank goodness for poster markers. Otherwise I’d still be coloring.

Editors’ Prize – When I sent my story in and was rejected, the magazine sent me a flier to enter in their Editors’ Prize Contest for an essay, short story, or group of poems. You can win $5000 in each of those three categories. At first I thought this meant they liked me, or were at least ready to tolerate my work, until I saw the $20 entrance fee, complete with subscription to the magazine. Obviously this is simply a nefarious plot to raise their reading base. And if I entered three times… I get three magazines every quarter-year. Lovely. Anyway, since the submissions are due October 1st, that’ll give me plenty of time to freak about it.

Excerpts – I don’t know… half of me wants to post a bit from a story up here, to get some comments and constructive criticism. The cynic in me hisses, “Someone’ll copy and paste and you’ll see your story pop up in the next Cicada.” Not that it would be good enough to be accepted, of course… Anyway, I’ll have to think on it.


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