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A Night Gone, A Successful Protest… August 4, 2010

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My greatest fear as we walked up to the Sprint Center, the signs that had taken hours to letter rolled up in our hands, was that they wouldn’t be there. Sure, WBC (Westboro Baptist Church, home of Fred Phelps) had advertised this protest on their cesspool of a website, but that didn’t guarantee they’d be there.

Then we got there. Through a sea of Lady Gaga fans dressed in all sorts of obscure clothing, I got a glimpse of them. LOTS of them. I swear there were about twenty, all told, although I never counted. Here’s a picture of the enemy, kindly supplied by

Can you see the little kid roughly in the center? He’s not the youngest either – there was a little boy who must have been nine or ten, holding a sign saying ‘Fags are Doomed’. See, that’s what makes me sick. These kids are brainwashed into this church/cult thing, and it’s horrible.

We had to walk behind these folks to get to the cross walk, and let me tell you, it make me physically nauseous. I swear they’ve got an air of disgustingness oozing off them. Anyway, once we cleared that crowd of muck, we saw something I didn’t expect: counter protesters. A fair amount, too.

Standing there with other people in possession of human decency for 45 minutes was enlightening. Several concert attendees thanked us for being there. We were some of the less… provocative counter protesters. A few ran in and out of the WBC lines, holding signs like, “Drink the Kool-aid already” or “WBC needs to get laid”. A model for the photographers even borrowed one of my signs and ran around with it. Observe, and remember that’s not me. I wouldn’t wear that.

I sort of screwed up on the apostrophe, coloring it red instead of yellow, and had to make it black, but otherwise I think it’s very nice, for a first time sign maker. We can’t all have factory made ones, WBC. That doesn’t make you better.

Anyway, I felt great after doing this, and you better believe that if WBC or any like minded villains come around, those signs are coming out of my closet and being used once again. Maybe Phelps will get the hint. He’s not wanted here.


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