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Back to School, Back to School… August 15, 2010

Filed under: Whatever — katblogger @ 2:04 PM

Ah, the beginning of the school year. Meeting old friends, picking out supplies, meeting new teachers – all fun for the first few weeks, until it starts to get old. And I’m expecting for IB Junior year – harder than the beginning of college, according to some – to get old real fast.

Anyway, returning to school may cut down on my blogging time. The once every one or two days schedule I’ve been following will probably go down the toilet. Of course, since I have the luxury of like, three viewers, this shouldn’t matter. Still, I like to pretend.

So far, Monday is by far the nastiest day. For now, unless another day becomes even worse, if I post on Monday it’ll be a What Am I Reading? segment. Just a picture of a book, maybe a short blurb… easy as pie, right? And that’s what you’re getting tomorrow. I’ll be too wiped for anything else.


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