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A Letter to Colleges August 21, 2010

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Dear Colleges,

I am really sick of all these papers and invitations you keep sending me. In fact, I often chuck them into the recycling unopened, which isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. I realize now I never should have checked the ‘send me more information’ box. I assumed it would useful facts that would help me make a decision. Instead, I’m being told over and over again that you have lots of activities and interesting students. I can learn more from Wikipedia than from the average college mailing. 

And your repeated requests for visits? I’m not rich. I can’t afford to pop over to New Orleans or San Francisco. Are you crazy? And college nights! I don’t have time to attend those. I’m doing all my homework so schools will admit me. You do realize I’m in high school, right?

I’m sort of wishing by now I could just choose a college using eenie meeny mineey mo and get it over with, but I need more information. Which, unfortunately, I’m going to have to find on my own.


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