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Hypocrisy… It’s Just So Easy August 27, 2010

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I am a hypocrite. My friends are hypocrites. You are probably a hypocrite, even if you deny it. Because, honestly, we all are. And we need to fight that urge to decide that we’re entitled to change our minds when the situation is the same, just because it makes us feel better.

Case in point – the ‘Ground Zero’ ‘mosque’. Note the liberal use of quotes because, as you know, it’s not actually a mosque, and it’s not actually at Ground Zero. But moving on.

I support the right to build a community center – or even a mosque – anywhere someone darn well wants to. And yet… I realized while searching inside myself that I honestly wouldn’t like it if there was a church being built by a blown up abortion center. That would bother me. Okay, I probably wouldn’t show up with a sign or something, but I’d comment. I’d dislike it. Basically, I’d react the same way some people are reacting now – minus the signs and racial slurs, of course.

So what does that make me? A hypocrite, definitely. Why are they different? They’re not – it’s simply something built up inside of me, a bias against Christianity for the pain it’s caused me over the years. But I said that there shouldn’t be a bias against Islam for what one group did to the Twin Towers on 9/11. That caused pain – more than mine. But the whole religion didn’t fly that plane. And the whole of Christianity didn’t set the fuse on a bomb at an abortion clinic, either. The whole religion doesn’t type comments saying atheists aren’t American, or insist that ‘Under God’ stays in the pledge. That’s just some people in the religion. And, according to myself, I’m not supposed to judge. But it’s hard.

And it will stay hard. But I need to realize – and everyone else needs to realize – that hypocrisy has got to stop. Your morals and ethics, the country’s amendments and laws… they don’t appear or disappear because of your personal preferences and beliefs. They’re there all the time, and we all need to remember it. I can’t tolerate Islam and turn around and freak out about Christianity. A pro-lifer shouldn’t be able to advocate the death penalty. Get things straight, everyone. Make up your mind, and hold firm. Don’t laugh at hypocrites when you’re one yourself.


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