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Blog Day!!! August 31, 2010

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So, apparently, I’m supposed to post links to five other blogs I read. Hm…

Cake Wrecks:  I don’t care if you’re a cake decorator or not, this is always good for a laugh. And I don’t know why the linking is screwed up. But it’s Cake Wrecks. Not… ke Wrecks.

Real France: I like France. This is the story of a woman living there, and it’s hilarious… perhaps unintentionally so.

Uh oh… I feel my list of visited blogs shuddering to a halt. Let’s see, let’s see…

Well, I visited this one yesterday while looking for Google images. But I do like some of her fan art…

LillyPad Graphics

Ok, that’s all. Show’s over. Tune in tomorrow for an actual post. I know – when was the last time one of those came around?


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