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Mythbusters: Atheism Version September 1, 2010

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I’ve encountered so many misconceptions, myths, fabrications, and downright lies about atheism that I’ve decided to set the record straight. Now remember, I can’t speak for every atheist out there. But I’m one, therefore if I don’t match one of these rumours, you can’t make the generalization ‘all atheists…’. So let’s begin.

Atheists hate God. BUSTED. I’ve never figured this one out. I don’t believe in a god. I can’t hate something that doesn’t exist, can I? Except the assignment I’m going to get next week… but that’s a different story.

Atheists hate all theists. Mmmm…. mostly busted. Some atheists are bitter and hateful, and you have to understand, it’s tempting. We’re not exactly treated that well – in fact, we’re one of the least trusted groups in America. Oftentimes I feel like a second class citizen. But I don’t hate theists – they just drive me nuts most of the time. If I hated them, then I’d be hating my family, my friends, classmates, co-workers. We have to accept not everyone we care about shares the same views, and get over it.

Atheists have no morals. BUSTED. I have never cheated. I do not steal, and I very rarely lie. I’ve never smoked or taken drugs, and I’ve drunk less alcohol than the average church-goer (at least the ones that have real wine at Communion). Just because I don’t follow a moral code set up by someone else doesn’t mean I have none at all. Oh yeah – I’ve also never committed murder. Homicide is a big no-no on my moral list.

Atheists are depressed and think death is the end. BUSTED. I’m not depressed – unless it’s 10 PM and I have a big essay due the next morning. And not all atheists believe in the same result after death – I’ve considered many possibilities, including reincarnation. We just don’t look to a book to tell us the answer – we ponder it on our own.

Atheists are afraid to let anything into their lives – including God. BUSTED. I’m not afraid to let some god figure into my life. I just don’t believe in one. See ‘Atheists Hate God’ above.

Atheists are all scientists/elitists. BUSTED. What is an elitist, anyway? People always go on about them, but I’ve never figured out an exact definition. And I don’t even really like science, even if I am testing in Chemistry. I’m planning on being a writer, not a nuclear physicist or something.

It takes more faith to be an atheist. BUSTED. No… it really doesn’t. The burden of proof rests on the person who declares something to exist, not not to exist.

Atheists believe the world came out of nothing. BUSTED. Obviously, something cannot come out of nothing. Theories abound on the origin of the universe. Personally, I lean towards the idea of a circle, much like Hinduism. Something cannot suddenly exist, so perhaps the universe and its source have always existed, in a cycle. And this argument doesn’t help the religious either. If something can’t come out of nothing, where did your god/gods come from? If we accept that they were always there, why couldn’t the universe always be there?

There are sooooooo many more, but I’m running out of time. But seriously – people repeat myths, but they’re not always true. Haven’t we divided humanity into enough boxes? Why can’t we find our similarities instead of obsessing over differences? And don’t think myths only exist about atheists. We’ve been making up lies about each other for centuries. So next time you hear something, stop and ask yourself if it’s really true.

Because if it isn’t, you know who to call.


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