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Oh Gosh, Fred Phelps Again… October 7, 2010

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I know, I know… how many posts have I devoted to this cretin? Media coverage is what he wants. We should all ignore him, and maybe he’ll go away.

But oddly, I’m on the same side as him in this one. Well, not exactly on the same side… but in the general area.

If you’ve been living under a rock, with a handy internet connection that only leads to this site, let me explain. A father of a soldier killed in Iraq is suing the WBC. And although no one actually likes them, we have to support them in this case. Let’s go over the facts.

The first amendment guarantees citizens the right to free speech, and the right to protest peacefully. However annoying this protest was, it was peaceful. And it was speech. Therefore, it’s a double whammy from the Bill of Rights.

If the Supreme Court decides this isn’t allowed, what next? Will it be illegal to protest the Iraq War on 9/11, because it would offend the families of the dead? Would atheists not be allowed to speak up on Christmas? We can’t censor speech just because it’s annoying or rude. That’ll lead in all sorts of unpleasant directions.


5 Responses to “Oh Gosh, Fred Phelps Again…”

  1. GG Says:

    Regrettably, you are correct. But, hey, we were peaceful in our KC protest weren’t we?

  2. katblogger Says:

    Which is why it was legal.

  3. Lil'Bro'O'Doom Says:

    Counter-Protests are very entertaining.

  4. alytron Says:

    I read this suggestion on this discussion: which is what led me to the search which led me to your blog. Here’s what was suggested:
    something to keep in mind if the Phelps/WBC group ever comes to your town: Hold a pledge drive.

    Get as many people as are willing to cooperate, to agree that for each minute the WBC protests whatever it is they’re protesting, everyone will donate $x… to PFLAG, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, NGLTF, GLAAD, the Matthew Shepard Foundation, whatever. (And it doesn’t have to be just gay-rights groups – the ACLU and Amnesty International are two others that spring to mind as appropriate.)

    Make sure to notify WBC beforehand (email, letter, whatever – although I’d recommend you use a throw-away email address or put no return-address on a letter) that for every minute they are in public view, $x from x# of people will be going to XYZ organization to help support, encourage, and finance XYZ’s message and mission.

    After the event, follow up – let them know that as a direct result of their protest at the funeral of John Doe, $xxx was sent to XYZ. Provide a receipt from the organization if possible, to prove it. Thank them for their support of XYZ and its message and goals.

    Be polite. Don’t argue, or provide scripture, or express shock or horror – none of that will work, now or ever. Just let them know calmly and politely that you [will be using/have used] their protest into a way of raising money for the organizations that promote tolerance and acceptance.

    I dunno, just thought it sounded pretty great 😀

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