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Thanks for Your Blanket Judgement on My Life November 22, 2010

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Ah, being an atheist is such fun.

This particular drama started in school on Friday, three minutes before the bell. I was joking with a guy about the fact that marriage in America seems to be unstable – almost half of married couples divorce. Another guy – from now on I shall refer to him as Jesus Freak #1 – butted it. “Marriage is failing,” he informed me, “because America is a godless country.”

Before I could reply, another girl interrupted, “You did not just say that. Are you saying that if America was a… godful country, we would have better marriage rates?”

“The basis for a good relationship,” Jesus Freak #1 maintained, “is a good relationship with God.”

“I can’t believe you really just said that,” I said.

“That’s a typical response from you, Kat,” he replied, in his typical holier-than-thou voice.

Trust me, things would have gotten nasty if the bell hadn’t rung. But for the rest of the day, I couldn’t get this conversation out of my head. It was just so ridiculous. So in case I never get a chance to say this to your face, Jesus Freak #1, here’s my atypical response, besides loaning him this book, which he sorely needs.


First, do you have any idea how arrogant you sound? What gives you the right to define a good relationship, and what causes one? You’re like, seventeen. I seriously doubt you know everything about life.

Second, you do realize you’re talking to a human being, right? A human being with thoughts and feelings, not just some stupid ideal of the godless heathen. Although, honestly, I’m better behaved than you. I don’t presume to judge other people’s relationships.

Third, my relationships are perfectly fine, thank you very much. Should I just go and tell my friends and family, “Whoops, I’m an atheist. I might as well cut all my ties, curl up in a hole and die, huh? After all, Jesus Freak #1 told me I don’t have the basis for a good relationship.”

Finally, I almost feel sorry for you. Because whatever world you live in, it’s definitely not reality. And it’s true that there are lots of great Christians out there, which give me hope when people like you try to drag the entire religion down into the dust. However, there are also lots of great people out there who are not Christians. But I guess you’ll never really get to know them, because, you know, they can’t form strong relationships.


2 Responses to “Thanks for Your Blanket Judgement on My Life”

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  2. Lil'Bro'O'Doom Says:

    I feel stupid for clicking on the book to “LOOK INSIDE!” Anyway, nice post. Jesus Freak #1 seems pretty snooty.

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