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Just Scoot Over A Little, Will You? November 27, 2010

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Well, this is annoying.

A while back, I wrote a post on the joys of split narrative. (I’ve tried to link to the original post, but the computer’s being wonky, sorry.) Now that arguably stupid choice for POV is coming back to bite me.

See, thanks to borderline obsessive mapping, I managed to keep the format of two chapters, switch, two chapters even. They’re even mostly the same length. Only now that I’m done writing the first draft, I want to add more scenes. The question is… how?

See, if I write one 2000 word chapter in one character’s POV, that means I have to write a total of four chapters – 8000 words – to keep the pattern. Another chapter of that character, and then two chapters of the other. Basically, a pain. Or I could try to wedge each scene I want into an existing chapter, making it large and unwieldy compared to all the others. Either way I go, it’s going to be annoying. And have I learned my lesson? No – I’m already planning another split narrative novel. What can I say? All novelists are a little bit crazy.


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