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I Wish… December 1, 2010

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Has anyone not played the three wishes game? By that I mean sat back and considered what you would do if a genie, faerie godmother, magic fish, or other mysterious benefactor suddenly bestowed on you three wishes of unlimited power. (Besides more wishes, of course. That’s cheating.) I know I have. The first two come easily. But the third… I start to get overwhelmed with all the wishes I could make, and the knowledge that once I choose, all those other opportunities will be lost forever. It’s quite stressful.

But just to make it tougher, I ask myself… what if I had just one wish? Just one, and I could ask for anything. What would I wish?

I tell myself that my character is strong enough to withstand petty demands. ‘I wish to live forever.’ ‘I wish to be rich and famous.’ Surely, if I had any wish, I would use it to help mankind. But how? I’ve contemplated this for a while, and I think I’ve found the answer.

World peace? No – that could be achieved if everybody died, or a dictator forced everyone into submission. Wishes love to trip you up like that.

Everyone become smarter? No – intelligence doesn’t mean you’re good.

So finally I decided that the perfect wish is wisdom. Not too much, just a bit. So that the world would stop and think twice before doing something stupid. So we’d consider the consequences of our actions. I can’t imagine a way wisdom can go wrong. So that’s my wish: ‘I wish that everyone in the world was a little bit wiser.’

But unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there are no genies and faeries floating around the world bestowing wishes. Hoping for an easy fix is just an idle fancy. If we want the world to change, we have to do it by ourselves, a little bit at a time.

So I challenge you to be wise – think twice. Consider. Ponder. Wonder. And maybe, some day, my wish will come true, if not exactly how I hoped it would.


One Response to “I Wish…”

  1. Flo Nightengale Says:

    What a great wish. I’ll try to do my share.

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