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Inspiration Strikes At Funny Times… January 1, 2011

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Make that annoying times. It never fails – when you have that great, story-changing, prize-winning idea, it’ll be inconvenient. You’re in the shower. You’re driving. You’re in the middle of doing some project you’ve been putting off for days.

Now, I’m not advocating pulling over, or running soaking wet through the house looking for a pencil, or taking a break from your project yet again. But here’s the thing. Whenever inspiration hits, you don’t have to start writing your new, soon to be famous novel/short story/poem/whatever. Just make a note down somewhere – or at the earliest convenient time. That way you can come back to it later, without derailing whatever you’re doing. I used to have a problem with this. I’d get an idea and disregarding everything else I should have been doing, rush off to write it.

However, the other extreme is making notes too short to understand. While looking back in my notebook where I write down inspirations, I found the words ‘scribbled out man’ from a trip to the art museum. I have no memory of whatever piece of art this refers to, and no clue as to what kind of inspiration I had. Obviously, I should have written more down.

So next time inspiration strikes, play the part of Goldilocks. Write something down, but not too long, and not too short… just right.


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