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Memory Lane February 16, 2011

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Sometimes curling up with a good book won’t cut it. I know, scary, right? I use books to cure almost all my ills. But sometimes you’re not in the mood for any book (gasp!), you’re waiting to get one from the library or to be released, or you’ve read everything on your bookshelf a million times. What can a poor, word-starved person do?

There’s a reading material I’ve found that has never run out of charms. We all have it, it’s generally easy to access, and you can get ahold of it in probably under a minute. What is it?


That’s right. I often read my own old work – stories, poems, even journals if I’m desperate or nostalgic. It’s a lot of fun. I can revisit old stories, old characters, and old ideas and make them new all over again. Sometimes I’ll page through a worn notebook, read a few lines, and remember where I was when I wrote them, what I was feeling, who I was with… It brings back a lot of great memories. And some not so great ones, but no less intense, if I wrote something in a time of anger or depression.

As a writer, I leave a record of my past, more than others. Even when I write fiction, an imprint of my beliefs, views, and voice is left behind. By looking through notebooks that are more and more prone to falling apart, I can watch myself get younger, when I saw the world so differently. In later years, I know I’ll be grateful I have all this to look back on, to remember the good times and the bad recorded in the pile of notebooks and journals shoved under my desk.


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