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Home of the Free and the Not So Free, It Seems February 27, 2011

Filed under: In the News — katblogger @ 9:49 AM

When you hear about someone being arrested on little or no grounds, strip searched, held in awful conditions for days with no charges, and more, where do you think of? Some oppressive regime, probably, somewhere far away from here.

Think again.

This article tells the story of Abdullah al-Kidd, an American Muslim, who was held in 2003 as a supposed witness relating to terrorism. Nothing was found and he was eventually released, but the US government refuses to admit it did any wrong. 9/11 has become the excuse for all sorts of heinous acts. Hold people without charges? Justified by 9/11. Aggressively search people at airports? Because of 9/11. Persecute and be biased against Muslims? To stop 9/11 from happening again. Maybe it’s because of that, or maybe it’s simply a useful excuse. Bring a tragedy up, shut everyone’s  mouths, and proceed with the oppression.

Whatever justification you use, it doesn’t stop some actions from being unconstitutional and completely against what America is supposed to stand for. Wake up, people. If we aren’t careful, we’ll lose all the freedoms we’re so proud of.

And all because of 9/11.



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