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Goliath Pictures Revealed! …Sort Of March 2, 2011

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If you haven’t figured it out yet, I have a tendency to obsess.

*insert pause here for those who know me personally to snicker* I know. I had that coming.

I often obsess over books that I really, really want released. You may recall my obsession over Mockingjay’s cover, way back last summer. I tried to add a link, but the computer really hates me today, so I can’t make it work. Moving on.

Anyway, Scott Westerfeld released three pieces of art from his upcoming book Goliath at… sort of released them. He put a big white box over the most important part of each one, and forced the fans to choose. How cruel of him. But of course, even missing roughly 40% of the art, that hasn’t stopped obsessors like me from analyzing every pixel in loving detail.

(Those of you who know me off this blog can skip the rest – you’ve heard me run through it quite a few times already.)

Artwork #1: The Two-Headed Messenger

The person involved is Dr. Barlow, unless Count Volger has become a cross dresser. There’s some sort of bird, presumably the messenger, perched in front of her. The title indicates that the bird is probably two headed. Why, you ask? Well, you might recall that the Hapsburg crest is a two headed eagle. So perhaps the Hapsburgs have sent Alek a message. Of course, it would be odd for them to have fabricated beasties around, but no one understands the workings of royal families. They’re all crazy from inbreeding anyway. (For more on that, check out this article: It’s hilarious.)

Artwork # 2: Secrets in the Rookery

So there’s a rookery. Somewhere. Since it’s chapter two, they’re probably still aboard the Leviathan. The figure appears to be either Alek or Deryn, although you might be able to squeeze both of them in that little white space. Bovril’s present, so obviously one of them is there. (That lovely imprinting thing in action.) And we all know what secret we want revealed, but that wouldn’t happen in chapter two, would it?

Artwork # 3: Hooking the Package

I see pine trees in the background, and a creature that looks like a bear. Therefore, I’m guessing we’re in Russia. Why would Russia be sending the airship a package? Or is the airship delivering Russia something? It looks like Deryn is probably swinging around ropes and such, which she is quite good at. Just a generic action scene.

There will be plenty more analysis when a complete image comes out, and we have one per month to look forward to, to help pass the time before September 4th. I’ll be back soon, hopefully with a post that will appeal to a broader audience than fellow Westerfeld-obsessors.


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