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What Am I Reading? 3/14 March 14, 2011

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Happy Pi Day!

Ok, nerdiness aside. Here’s what I’m reading:

Yeah, I never thought I would read this. I thought Riordan was overstretching a series that had run its course, and I might as well end when the books were still fresh.

Honestly, it wasn’t as great as the first series, but it wasn’t terrible. I needed some reading material – Spring break means I’m separated from my home library while searching for colleges to visit – and it fulfilled the task. Not my favorite book, but not my least favorite either.


One Response to “What Am I Reading? 3/14”

  1. sniffingballetshoes Says:

    hehe. Happy Pi Day!!! I made cupcakes with the Pi symbol!!! Check out my blog: SniffingBalletShoes. It is my not-so alter ego. I’m on Scott Westerfeld’s forum. Kay-wathesmokelives. I stare at people’s profiles. All. Day. Long. Hehe! Bye!

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