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The 800s = My New Library Home March 26, 2011

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So I’m a bit of a masochist, I think. Why else would I, not content with two IB tests and the SAT, sign up for two AP tests as well? It’s got to be masochism.

Since I’m not in AP, I set off to various teachers and the library, looking for some AP books that would tell me what on earth the test actually covered. Finding the location of an English Language and Composition practice book in the early 800s, I made my way there. As I browsed the titles, my eyes were caught by a large, brightly colored book. The Complete Guide to Novel Writing. I looked around. The Teen’s Guide to Getting Published. Creating Plot. I had unwittingly stumbled into a writer’s paradise. A whole shelf of books on writing. Jackpot!

I was already laden down with other books, but I did snag one fairly light volume. 101 Habits of Highly Successful Novelists: Insider Secrets from Top Writers. I will admit that I’ve never heard of any of the writers on the cover. But I’ll share any useful tips I find. And trust me, once I have time, I’m ransacking the whole area of the 808s. The shelf will be empty.



2 Responses to “The 800s = My New Library Home”

  1. Siobhan Says:

    I look forward to hearing what the 101 habits are. No pressure 🙂

  2. katblogger Says:

    Yeah, I’ll just retype the whole book for you…
    Thanks for stopping by!

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