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And This is the Part Where I Snap… April 2, 2011

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Before I get into all the lovely ranting, a few updates:

Script Frenzy started yesterday. I got a grand total of… zero pages done, thanks to school activities. Yippie. The only reason I’m sticking with it is pure stubborness. Actually, that’s usually the only reason I do anything.

Second, Scott Westerfeld pulled the simultaneously most awesome and most annoying April Fool’s prank ever. Just in case I wasn’t already cracked in the attic before…

Now on to the business. A disclaimer – I am not usually a profane person. However, one must make exceptions.

Anyone remember Terry Jones? That annoying Floridian pastor that said he was going to burn the Qur’an/Koran in order to get lots of publicity? The government eventually talked him out of it saying that it would only harm our soldiers, but not before he got lots of face time.

And the little *ahem* bastard went ahead and did it on March 20, after holding a mock trial to convict it. Sounds familiar? Let’s just stick the Inquisition and Hitler together, why don’t we? Fake trials and burning books. Wonderful.

 Guess what? Yesterday, an angry mob in Afghanistan, incited by furious Mullahs, attacked a UN compound, damaging the building and killing at least twelve UN officials. Some of the mob was killed as well.

So now we have bloodshed, anger, and the Middle East yet again thinking all Americans are such self-centered, insensitive jerks.

Thanks a lot, Pastor Jones. I hope it was worth it to you.


One Response to “And This is the Part Where I Snap…”

  1. Qwillman Says:

    I wonder what if Tim Teebow was a muslim. How would the press be treating him? If his favourite quote from the Koran was stenciled on his helmet. Would the girls still want him? Would is be God’s will when the Broncos won?

    I wonder

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