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What am I Reading? 4/04 April 4, 2011

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Summary: Mia, a seventeen year old girl, suddenly finds her life in shambles when her parents and younger brother are killed in a car wreck. Her body is in a coma, while her spirit/soul/whatever is free to wander the ICU. Then she realizes she has the power to make her final choice – does she stay or does she go?

Thoughts: A lot of people say this book is devastating, heart wrenching, etc. I thought it was ok. I’m not easily moved, however, so maybe they’re right. I thought Mia’s life (before the accident, of course) was a little too great. I mean – her biggest problem was choosing between Julliard and her perfect boyfriend. I mean, seriously?

So it’s an ok read, but not an ‘OHMYGODTHISBOOKISAMAZING’ read.


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