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Seven Random Things April 10, 2011

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Writing this post was interesting, mostly because I couldn’t figure out what seven things about me were interesting enough that anyone else would care. But here goes anyway…

1. I’m a cat person. I’ve got three of them, actually, and they’re all my babies. I received instant high school fame/humiliation (it’s basically the same thing) when the teacher asked “What is happiness?” and I blurted out “a house full of cats”. Yeah… don’t say that. Ever. Anyway, I’m expected to be the crazy old cat lady in fifty years, a reputation I’m doing nothing to counter. Better that than dead in a gutter.

2. Spring is my favorite season. The new green growth, the flowers, the warmth in the air, the rain… the only problem is that my enjoyment is significantly reduced by the fac that spring also equals killer levels of testing for an IB junior. Back to studying for my two SL tests and two AP tests now, I suppose.

3. I, unfortunately, have contracted the constant writer’s syndrome. If I ever have free time in class, or if I create free time by spacing out (whoops, guess I missed that lecture) I’m not blank – I’m plotting. Or creating characters. Or dreaming up new stories. This can get pretty aggravating. I was awake for two hours last night reworking the first two chapters of a story, which would be nice and all, except I also like sleeping.

4. I’m a huge mythology nerd. Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Native American – I’ll take it all. I always think it would be cool to write a story influenced by mythology, then curse the name of Rick Riordan because he practically trademarked that. Could he have left something for the rest of us?

5. I am a walking computer virus. Literally. Technology tends to shut down or freeze up when I’m around. It’s gotten to the point where I’ll be standing chatting with a friend and hear some guy complain “What’s up with my laptop? It just froze!” and I’ll guiltily back away.

6. I’m a speed reader. I once charted my speed at roughly 100 pages an hour, but I think I’ve gotten faster, because I read the last Harry Potter book (759 pages) in about five hours. This is useful in a household when everyone wants to read the same book – I can finish it fast. Because I get it first. Hear that, family? Goliath is MINE!

7. One more fact – hmmm… French is my IB language of choice, and I’ve always wanted to visit France. Maybe I can set a book there as an excuse to visit.

Now for my fifteen blogs. Here’s the thing – I don’t have any many ‘blogging buddies’. Like the wolf, I blog alone. If wolves blogged… just go with it, ok? But let’s see how many I can come up with.

1. The Coffin Chronicles – this is the amusing blog of a ‘non-sparkly vampire’ set up by a friend of mine. It’s all made up, of course (I hope…) but it’s always good for a laugh. At least if you have my admittedly warped sense of humor.

2. Real France –  the frequently hilarious adventures of an American living in France. She has another blog – Stalking Johnny Depp, that I have not yet read. I’m sure it’s great.

3. LiterateChick Reviews – Some pretty long book reviews by another teenager. I think we all have blogs. Anyway, I picked up a few recommendations from her site.

So, as pathetic as this is, these are the only blogs I’m following right now. And I only check on them every month or so. I blame this on my schedule. But yeah… better go link to them and force them to do the same thing.


One Response to “Seven Random Things”

  1. “Happiness is a house full of cats.” Maybe the secret to happiness doesn’t have to be complicated after all.

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