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What am I Reading? 4/19 April 19, 2011

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This is a bit late, but… oh well.



Summary: Clary Fray is having a night out on the town when she meets a group of teenagers who kill something they claim is a demon. Soon afterwards, her mother is kidnapped and she’s attacked by another demon. She’s whisked away into the secret lair of the Shadowhunters, a group of demon slayers (all teenagers, for some reason) that she conveniently happens to be a part of. Pretty soon she’s fighting vampires, crashing warlock parties, and claiming ancient magical artifacts. Not bad for a fifteen year old.

Thoughts: I’ll say I’m not generally someone interested in books with shirtless males on the cover. Especially as this one seems to be glowing, which set of Twilight bells in my head. But it wasn’t too bad. This was one of those books where it makes more sense to someone who’s been introduced to that world already. That’s not good – since it’s the first book of the series. I actually read it twice, to make sure I caught everything. It’s fast paced – at the end you don’t feel like you’ve read hundreds of pages. The humor is good, although it seems a little heavy – one character, Jace, must carry a dictionary of smart-ass comments, because he fires them off whenever the author needs to make word count. The plot twists are mostly to be expected, but it’s a fun book to read, especially if you like urban fantasy.


One Response to “What am I Reading? 4/19”

  1. blackwatertown Says:

    Seems like you gave this book more than a fair chance – two read throughs. Not for me by the sound of it.

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