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*singing* It’s Earth Day, Earth Day… Sorry April 22, 2011

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My Rebecca Black kick is over. Sorry about that. I couldn’t help it. It is Friday, after all.

Anyway, whether you’ve been counting down to April 22nd or just get your current events from the Google logo, you probably know it’s Earth Day today. The day where we care about our planet and only home. I don’t see why you wouldn’t, considering at this point there’s nowhere else we can go, but whatever. Today even the jerky polluting mega-corporations have to pretend to care.

So what can we do, besides playing with the interactive Google logo? Well, I was planning to continue my CAS project of cleaning up the local creek/green space. It’s dirty and nasty, but also interesting. One never knows what one might find while stream cleaning. Rusted hedge clippers? A huge pile of bricks? A soldering gun? A carriage wheel stuck in concrete? A car sunk in the water? Why not? I will admit that we only picked up the hedge clippers and the soldering gun. Don’t judge – we only get two bags of trash per week. And I’d like to see you stick a car in a plastic trash bag and put it out on the curb. Even if it is a two seater.  

Unfortunately, at the moment it is raining. And while rain is lovely, it prevents me from trekking through the woods and picking up trash. Why? One word – mud. Lots of it. Perhaps it’s cruel to neglect the planet for reasons of cleanliness, but the trash will be there tomorrow. Increased exponentially, trust me.

So what else can we do? I encourage anyone who doesn’t recycle to start. The planet doesn’t contain infinite resources – we have to make do with what we have. Did you know that the formation of aluminum from bauxite ore releases toxic gasses? Neither did I, but now I feel bad whenever I toss aluminum foil in the trash, and get upset when I see soda cans not being recycled. Of course, I’m the girl who feels guilty using lots of tissues when I have a head cold because they’re not recyclable (that would just be nasty) so I’m a little crazy.

Anyway, there are lots of ways to help the environment. In the end, it’s benefiting us anyway. Loving nature isn’t just for hippies in bell bottoms and tie dye – everyone should be proud to be a tree hugger. Even him:


Right in time for Earth Day indeed.


One Response to “*singing* It’s Earth Day, Earth Day… Sorry”

  1. Bluesky2000 Says:

    I think the cat on the cover of the book is very cute 🙂

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