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May – My New Least Favorite Month May 6, 2011

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It used to be that weekends were a time to relax. Have fun. Sleep in.

Not anymore.

As you know, the month of May has begun. And for those of us taking IB/AP tests, Judgement Day has arrived. With the addition of lots of extra homework. My to-do list for the weekend is currently twenty-three items long. One of those items is this post, which I’m getting out of the way now. For a visual representation of my current life, observe:

Bits of my family members were edited out, as I doubt they want to star in a rant about workloads. But you get my point, I hope. Anyway, the point I’ve been driving at is that for the next week or so, I won’t be posting very often. If at all. I will be desperately digging my way out of my work in order to get to my tests in time. Not very enjoyable, of course. I have to keep telling myself it will be worth it in the end. At least I’ll have intriguing scars from all the paper cuts.


One Response to “May – My New Least Favorite Month”

  1. Reading this–or, more specifically, seeing the image!–takes away some of my melancholy over being finished with my school days 😉

    (For now?)

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