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What am I Reading? 5/16 May 16, 2011

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Summary: Sixteen strangers are gathered together in an apartment. They are the sixteen beneficiaries in Sam Westing’s will. To win his estate of millions, they have to play a game. There are only a few problems. No one knows the clues, the purpose, or the goal. Most don’t even really know the other players. But that won’t stop everyone from trying their hardest to win.

This is one of those books that’s a lot cooler the second time you read it. There’s a really big twist at the end, and while re-reading it, it’s amazing to catch all the little clues that lead you to the right conclusion. It’s a fun book to read although with so many characters, it’s easy to get lost.


One Response to “What am I Reading? 5/16”

  1. I like reading fun books. I hope it will be interesting to read this one.

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