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RaptureWatch – 10:00 AM May 21, 2011

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It’s 10:00 AM where I am. In some places in the world, it must be 6:00 PM already. Have they experienced the apocalypse yet? I’d think we’d have heard about it.

Here on the home front, life is still dull. As the apocalypse, Satan, and Jesus seem to have stood me up, I’ve been ruefully tackling my homework. But I’ll still show up every hour to post my observations. If I don’t, assume that Satan has absconded with my computer.

But yes, outside is peaceful and deserted. I’ve heard that animals can predict earthquakes. None of my cats seem upset. Obviously they do not sense a disturbance in the force. Oh well.

I’ve noticed that there are many woeful misunderstandings when apocalypse theories show up. For example, people think the Mayans predicted the end of the world when they really just predicted the beginning of a new cycle. And a classmate misheard and was left wondering why the ‘Raptor is coming’. Having just read Jurassic Park again, I’d take lakes of fire over eviscerating toe claws any day. Sign me up for hell!

To avoid such misunderstandings, I’m reading the actual text of Revelation to see what I should be ready for. I’m pretty sure this was LSD influenced. Let’s see what the first chapter tells me.

Mmkay… if I read it aloud, I will be blessed. Neat.

John really likes seven. Seven churches, seven lamp stands, seven stars, seven angels… it’s pretty crazy. And Jesus has a sharp, two-edged sword coming out of his mouth. wouldn’t that hurt?

At 11 I’ll return to read the next few sections. Hopefully they’ll make more sense.


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