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RaptureWatch – 6:00 PM May 21, 2011

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Four minutes until the Rapture. The sky is blue. There’s a slight breeze. I’m getting hungry. Is that a sign?

Three minutes until the Rapture. Still hungry. Weather appears normal. No sign of heavenly portents.

Two minutes until the Rapture. My lampstand remains inanimate. It has no mouth. Still, I will be careful around it.

One minute until the Rapture. What would you do with sixty seconds to live? (I really hope my watch is lined up with God’s clock.)

Thirty seconds…




6 o’clock.

Nothing has happened. The streets are clear. I see cars moving by that still have people in them. I see no fire, feel no earthquakes, and hear no trumpets. I feel sorry for the people who wasted their money and their time chasing a lie. But trust me, another apocalypse will always come. And we will live through it. We always do.

It’s time to get some SuperGlue and start putting my lampshade back together. Tomorrow I’ll be back for a RaptureWatch recap, to review the reactions of the world as May 21 ends for the entire globe.


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