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RaptureWatch – 9:00 AM May 21, 2011

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All is still quiet. I don’t see anyone outside, but then again, I rarely see any but the next door neighbors. I don’t even know which of my neighbors are Christian – or at least the right branch of Christian to be carried up in this particular Rapture. How would I know? Which leads me to the next question – how exactly is one Raptured? Do you explode in a shower of smoke and fireworks? Do you disappear, clothes and all? Do you drop dead? Or, most awkwardly, will we find churches filled with cast off clothes as the Raptured find themselves in a very awkward situation in heaven? I suppose we won’t know unless it happens.

Across the United States, (I doubt this movement got much attention elsewhere), people must be preparing. How does one prepare for a Rapture? Is there special clothes, bathing rituals…? Maybe everyone will join hands in a circle and sing hymns. I have no idea. Calmly sitting around until the Earth is destroyed and only you and a few like-minded people are saved seems a bit cold-blooded to me. I’d be eating. Who knows if you can get chocolate in heaven?

Until the next hour, my friends.


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