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Freedom is Slavery, Slow is Fast – Paradox Fun! June 22, 2011

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If you understood the book reference in this post title, I’m very, very sorry for you. I feel your pain. I really do.

At first glance, writing a novel by hand is a really stupid idea. It looks like a really stupid idea at second glance too. Maybe even third, depending on your eyesight. However, it’s actually not that bad. I have never written an entire novel by hand. I probably never will. My handwriting’s awful anyway. But writing a chapter or a few scenes can save me a lot of time.

You might be wondering why. After all, typing is light years faster than slowly scrawling out letters on paper. Word processors give you spell check, and the delete key is a lot better than an eraser or, if you’re using pen, scratching a word out. And yet I actually write faster when writing by hand. Here’s an example of my computer writing habits to show you why:

T + 0 minutes: I pull up the Word document.

T + 1 minute: Hey… I haven’t checked Facebook in a while.

T + 5 minutes: (Having pulled up Facebook) While I’m here, I might as well check my blog, my email, some forums…

T + 30 minutes: Wow! Where did the time go? I really  need to start writing! *furious typing*

T + 35 minutes: (100 words added to wordcount) Ugh. This is a boring scene. Maybe Facebook’s updated.

T + 37 minutes: Hey! A link to a video! That video’s hilarious – ooh, this recommended one looks cool.

T + 1 hour: Ok, I really need to get some writing done.

T + 70 minutes: For this scene I need to look up some stuff on race riots. *Googles race riots* Actually, maybe I should check out a book on Civil rights. I wonder where my library card is…

Yes, that’s the sad reality of my ADD life. Now let’s show an example of my handwritten schedule.

One of my millions of writing notebooks (which proves reincarnation, as it is in its second incarnation, the first being a chem lab book) It's on my bed, the perfect boring place to write, as beds have no wi-fi.

T+0 minutes: I should get some paragraphs done. *opens notebook and clicks open pen*

T + 30 minutes: Hey! I have 1000 words!

Strange as it may seem, handwriting can be way faster if you’re easily distracted. For maximum effect, lock yourself somewhere away from distractions and don’t let yourself leave.

For the record, I did actually have to look up race riots. I’m writing a fun book, can’t you tell? A truly dedicated writer, of course, would find a race riot and throw herself in. However, since I’m rather fragile and do not enjoy breaking bones in my spare time, I declined to do so. If you ever find yourself in one, however, please tell me what it’s like.


One Response to “Freedom is Slavery, Slow is Fast – Paradox Fun!”

  1. Kristin Says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t tell you this, but your bed has wi-fi. But I guess it’s not a problem since you despise the laptop.

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