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Anatomy of a Notebook June 27, 2011

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To me, notebooks are valuable things. So valuable, in fact, that after reading fifty books at the library and being given the choice between a jump drive, a fifty piece art set, and a notebook, I chose… the notebook. This notebook became the storage place of my entire junior year reminisces, so I think it was a good choice after all.

Anyway, I usually am using four or five notebooks at a time. Like sifting through different layers of dirt at an ancient village or levels of petrified clothing in a teenage boy’s room, looking through the pages of one can give a detailed cross-section of one’s life. See, I use my notebooks for everything. God forbid that I just write one thing in there. Let’s take a look at the one I featured last post, shall we?

pages 1 – 48: Chemistry labs. This is actually quite ideal, because anyone who steals my notebook will become bored and give it back before they find the important stuff.

49: quick story idea and character list for my current project

really freaking long chunk after I stopped numbering the pages: various snippets of my project out of context and order, because I write that way.

After about twenty pages: random paragraph of a story I started during a high school college prep meeting and abandoned

next page: extensive character list

5 pages: writing

next page: mysteriously blank. Did I leave it for something? Forget it? Write in invisible ink or make it like Tom Riddle’s diary? More experiments shall be done soon.

After another five or so pages of writing: notes on race riots, followed by another strangely blank page.

next page: French assignment

next ten pages: a random pantheon of gods (literally titled at the top ‘random pantheon of gods’) that I made up when I was bored

in no real order, so I’ll stop counting pages: Create Real Impact contest entry draft

Teen Travel Scholarship draft

random short story about the apocalypse

back to the main project for the rest of the book!

If you read through all of that, I salute you. As notebooks go, this one actually stayed on topic pretty well. The main project probably made up 75% of the section not devoted to Chemistry.  Anyway, it’s a lot of fun to flip back through these and see all of the strange things hidden between the pages.

What about you? Do you have notebooks assigned for specific projects? Or do you simply write in a glorious free for all? Share your story.


2 Responses to “Anatomy of a Notebook”

  1. Oh, gosh! It’s been so long since I used notebooks as anything more than journals that I can’t recall how I used to use them. I’m reaching back to the first year of law school, before I got my laptop. I can clearly recall writing anecdotes and stories in the main body with actual class notes in the margin, but . . . I’m not really sure how I divided between classes!

    I will clearly not be one of those grandmas who can tell detailed anecdotes about that time when she was four years old and . . . well, anything. 😉

  2. katblogger Says:

    I’m not quite as bad as you are yet. The doodles and stories currently remain in the margins. XD I’m afraid I may get worse though.

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