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Of Many Things… June 30, 2011

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My mother finally shook me awake at nine in the morning. What did I do first? Stumble out of bed, get dressed, run downstairs – check. Eat breakfast – not quite. Instead, my first action was to plop down in front of the computer screen, force my sleep blurred eyes to focus, and page down my list of ‘favorite’ sites. Why? It’s June 30th. The results of a writing contest I entered were here.

Or not, I discovered, as I pulled up the site. The next few hours consisted of me distractedly eating, doodling, or reading while constantly racing back to reload the site. I had received no emails, no phone calls… I obviously wasn’t going to win. But that didn’t stop a crushing feeling of disappointment when I saw the winners spelled out in cheery blue text – my name nowhere among them.

That’s the fate of a writer, though, isn’t it? Far more rejections than acceptances. However, I do wish that they’d mail me a rejection letter. Then I could start a nice collage.

Moving on to more pleasant topics. Last weekend, New  York legalized gay marriage. I was away from the computer that weekend, and had a post planned for Monday. By the time I thought about writing a post, it seemed a bit… late. Still, I ought to mention it. Legalized, yay! Now back to work cracking the other forty-four states.

Since that time, I’ve already had two online arguments and read plenty of depressing comments. See, although I consider gay marriage a Good Thing, there are many who believe it to be Not A Good Thing. Understandably, this leads to disagreements. Which just goes to show that you can change the law, but that’s not going to change people’s minds. I swear nothing does. But progress moves on, as it always does, and I move on to get to work on my very long to-do list.

Maybe I should have gotten up before nine.


One Response to “Of Many Things…”

  1. I swear nothing does.
    I’ve found that time does. It’s not as satisfactory as instantaneous change . . . but as the years come and go, more and more of what was perceived to be right falls by the wayside. In the case of gay marriage, IMO, that change is good. In others (corporate citizenship)? Not so much!

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