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What am I Reading? 07/04 July 4, 2011

Filed under: Books — katblogger @ 9:16 AM

Happy Fourth, blah blah. I hope the idiots shooting illegal fireworks off in my neighborhood at midnight get arrested. Moving on.

Summary: High school senior Sam is the stereotypical mean girl, with her crew of nasty friends. Then everything changes when she ‘dies’ in a car wreck and pulls a total Groundhog Day, repeating the day of her death over and over again. She’s not sure why this is happening and has to figure out why she’s been given what seems to be a second chance.

Thoughts: This was a book I didn’t think I’d like. I believe someone gave it to me for Christmas (yes, atheism or no, my family celebrates Christmas and I go along for the ride. It’s mostly pagan anyway). I then left said book on the bookshelf for months before finally picking it up. Then I didn’t stop reading.

At first, I thought I had it all in hand. The ‘mean girl with her coterie of other mean girls and the jerk boyfriend when she’s meant to be with the dorky-yet-adorable childhood friend’ has been done before, I think. But the writing was good, and it took some unexpected turns. Yes, she learned life lessons about being nice, etc. However, the ending isn’t what you’d expect, but it’s the one that has to happen. All in all, a good read.



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