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My First Blogiversary! July 7, 2011

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Today will be a day of two posts. Unfortunately, I’m not chronicling the end of the world again – I simply have two different things I want to talk about, and I suck at transitions.

First order of business:

Exactly one year ago, I started this blog, bidding a greeting to my hopefully soon to be millions of regular readers. Now I believe I have… four. But that’s something, and I extend my deepest thanks to those who actually put up with me and my ramblings.

Over the last year, I have complained about US politics, gone psycho liberal, and ranted endlessly about He Who Must Not Be Named Who Lives in Topeka. I’ve also worked my way through a significant stack of books, written my way through a few as well, and dispatched an alarmingly large amount of writing advice. It’s alarming when you consider that I’m not a professional, I have no qualifications, and I still haven’t gotten anything published.* The last few places didn’t even send me rejection letters, which is deeply disappointing. My plan to make a giant collage of rejection letters has hit a snag.

This year I also faced down the dragon known as the IB Junior Year. Yesterday we received our scores. Although I won’t share my exact test scores for Math and History, the two subjects I tested in, I’m quite pleased. At least, I didn’t cry. Anyway, that means I’m hanging in there for yet another wild ride when school starts up in late August.

I have no immediate plans to end this blog – (heh heh, I will have you all in my grasp for eternity, because Edward Cullen bit me when I was making fun of his wife, and I am now immortal) – so see you  next year when I celebrate my second anniversary. Maybe by then I’ll have five faithful readers!


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