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The Terror Diaries, pt 2 July 13, 2011

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The time of terror is (for now) over. And I only had to hide for about three hours. Despite the heat, with the ceiling fan on it wasn’t too bad. The YA writing book explaining just how difficult it is to get published/make a living/do much of anything kind of dampened my mood, but you can’t have everything.

The feedback was mixed. Although I have a page of notes on things to improve and a manuscript peppered with pink post it notes (that was some unintentional alliteration for you), I managed to scrape some compliments as well.

My mother noted that “It’s not Pulitzer Prize winning literature like War and Peace – not that I’ve read War and Peace – but it’s good.” I haven’t read War and Peace either – I’m not sure who has. However, I think it’s over 500,000 words long. Didn’t Tolstoy’s editor tell him that shorter is better?

Still, all is not lost. I even managed to come up with a name for the character enigmatically known as ‘IDK’, although by the time I was done that alias had come to look like a real name, at least to me. Currently he goes by Ian, although some strange peculiarity of the Find/Replace function has put it in all caps. I’ll fix it later.

The most common advice after you’ve finished a manuscript of any length is to let it simmer for a while, so you can come back to it with fresh eyes. Strange Bedfellows now inhabits my desk drawer, where it will remain for several months before I deign to look at it again. You’ll be spared hearing more about it for that length of time, at least. Fear not – I have plenty of posts planned, concerning where one gets ideas, why female characters are more likely to be wielding weapons than cooking pots, and when you’re allowed to use obscenities, just to name a few. See you next time.


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