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What am I Reading? 8/08/11 August 8, 2011

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I hadn’t even known this was originally a book. Naturally, I didn’t have high hopes. This was lucky. By chapter two, Jaws had already established itself as sexist, racist, and homophobic. The sexism was the worst, I think. We were listening to it on tape, and skipped a few tracks when we heard part of this conversation:

Hooper: So what kind of fantasies do you have?

Ellen: Oh, the usual ones women have. Rape…

Me: *choking on a Skittle* Whaa?

Anyway, not going to recommend this. It wasn’t super well written either. The writer used roughly 50% more words than necessary. My shark expert friend would probably also confirm that a lot of the shark’s behaviors were inaccurate. I’ll take the on-screen gorefest any day.


3 Responses to “What am I Reading? 8/08/11”

  1. A friend recommended this book to me (highly) recently, so that I’m actually more curious about the book now I’ve seen such a disparate perspective. I will very unlikely actually read it, that being said; with so little time to read these days, I cast a book aside pretty quickly if it’s not doing it for me. There are just too many other books to read with that time!

    I’m going to have to revisit the recommendation I was originally given. I can’t remember its basis at all!

  2. Sounds os bad it might be funny ?

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