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I’m Back! (Kind Of) October 2, 2011

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Geez. You’re gone a month and they revamp the whole website. Nothing is sacred.

Anyway, I have returned. Hopefully. Life is easing up just a little (I’ve gotten through Homecoming, four football games, two parades, one marching band performance, several tests, and an oral commentary), so I’m trying to slowly return to blogging. This all depends, however, on my workload. As always, IB trumps all.

For the record, I will say that whoever said junior year is the hardest was nuts. Lies, I tell you. I have to learn Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing backward and forward by the 26th. Fun.

But enough of my complaining. That’s not what you want to hear. Doubtless you hear enough from your family/friends/own voice/etc. Here’s the rundown of my return.

1. Posts will be irregular at best, based on when I have time.

2. Posts will naturally drop off again come November. (Which is suddenly rather alarmingly close.)

3. As ’tis October, many of my posts will concern prepping for NaNoWriMo. I’ll probably chuck in some other stuff as well, though, so all you non-suicidal writers out there can have stuff to read too.

All good? Farewell, then. I’m off to reread Act 2 of Much Ado.


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