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Blogging… The Bible? October 8, 2011

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Remember the good old days when the world was ending and I wasn’t in HL Chemistry?

I could struggle to remember such a golden age, but this needs to be brief. Anyway, back on May 21st, day of fun and potential apocalype (until Jesus stood us up, the slacker) I did a Rapture Watch. Basically, I kept a weather eye out on the horizon looking for armies of angels, demons, or firebreathing lampstands, while entertaining all those waiting for death with witty observations on the book of Revelation. Or is it Revelations? I’m never quite sure of that.

I’m getting distracted. The point being, blogging my reactions to the drug-induced craziness that is the last section of the Bible was quite entertaining. Doing so for the rest of the Bible might also be fun, with the added benefit that I’ll have read the whole thing through. I tried once, but got lost in the Numbers/’begats’ section. I’m sorry, but Norse myths are far more interesting.

I accept that not every chapter will be as full of lampstand fun as Revelation(s), but it still might be a fun experiment. I’ll try it out and see where it leads me. Logically, BloggingtheBible will take place on Sundays. See you tomorrow for my trial post!


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