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Right Voice, Wrong Time February 12, 2012

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Line edits take forever. You know how you can read a word so many time that it loses all meaning? I’ve reread lines from my manuscript so many times that I swear they’re imprinted into my brain. What’s even worse is that I’m picking up bad habits.

For example, one of my MCs is quite foul mouthed. It got so prevalent that it turned into a running gag for me; I made sure that an expletive found its way into the very last line she narrated. Unfortunately, spending so much time in her POV started rubbing off on me. It was most obvious during one lunchtime conversation while we talked about healthy eating.

Healthy girl: You should eat a lot of greens.

Me: I eat peas and cucumber.

Healthy girl: I guess those are technically green.

Me: *mentally* Damn straight.

Not my usual response, that’s for sure. I’m well known for never swearing, a habit ingrained in me throughout childhood. I immediately cracked up, of course, and had to explain myself to Healthy girl and my other friends, who were naturally wondering why I’d dissolved into hysterics. Apparently the combination of overwork, college stress, and  sheer line editing boredom have lowered my verbal inhibitions.

Let’s hope I don’t start taking after any other characters. Turning into a homicidal maniac wannabe probably wouldn’t help me land any scholarships.


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