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What Am I Reading? 2/27/12 February 27, 2012

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I can’t believe it took me this long to get around to reading this book, honestly. I love Terry Pratchett, and I enjoyed the one book I’ve read by Neil Gaiman. I also had no clue that this was originally written in 1990 – from the buzz it recently generated, I assumed it was a much more recent creation.

What’s the book about? It’s 1990s England, and all hell is about to break loose. Literally. The Antichrist has been born, which heralds the coming Apocalypse. Angel Aziraphale and demon Crowley aren’t too pleased about this. They’ve spent the last 6000-odd years living on Earth and aren’t keen to see it destroyed. So they decide to find the Antichrist and stop him. Witchhunters Sergeant Shadwell and Newt Pulsifer (armed with sadly antiquated technology) are on a similar mission. Unfortunately, due to a mix-up at the hospital, the Antichrist appears to have been misplaced…

The book is hilarious and irreverent (usually hilariously irreverent) as you can expect from the two authors. It also makes a few clever comments on the nature of good and evil without really getting preachy about it. Half the jokes probably flew over my head because I’m not British, but I enjoyed it anyway. I’d definitely recommend this book.

(Ironically, looking at the official book summary, I used a few of the same phrases. Odd. Perhaps it means something.)


2 Responses to “What Am I Reading? 2/27/12”

  1. Glad you finally picked it up! I’ve enjoyed that one many times.

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