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Well… This Sucks February 28, 2012

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I got home from school today, checked my email, and found out something very upsetting. Inkpop, the Harper Collins writing site I’ve been on since August, is merging with Figment, a different writing website.

To some people, this might not sound like a big deal. To me, it was like finding out part of my house was scheduled to be demolished. Tomorrow.

Yeah. The  merge happens tomorrow. Did I mention I found out today? Apparently the website notified members yesterday, but even three days notice is way too short for such a drastic change.

Inkpop, for the short time I was able to be there, was an amazing place. I’ll admit it – I joined for selfish reasons. The top 5 short stories, novels, and poems every month (rated by other members) are reviewed by Harper Collins editors. I wanted that. But once I actually joined, I realized that making the Top 5 is just a side pursuit. The best part of Inkpop was – and still is – the people. I got to talk to other writers who are as crazy as I am. It can be hard to be a teen writer in this world. We know what everyone else is going through, and other inkies provided an amazing network of support and encouragement. Might I add that many of their critiques were way better than most offered by HC?

I have the option to transfer my profile to Figment, but I’m not doing it. Not now, at least. First I need to get over the betrayal, sadness, and annoyance brought on by finding an awesome place and then having it jerked away a few short months later.

I hope I’ll see you again, inkies. I’m sure your names will be on bookshelves before you know it. Until then, so long, and thanks for all the fish.


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