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The Facebook Wars March 9, 2012

Filed under: Whatever — katblogger @ 8:08 PM

I am a veteran of Facebook wars.

It’s not like I try. I’m not like some people who post intentionally controversial status updates just to pick a fight. I don’t even look for posts to troll on. I just either post something that people take offense to, or can’t help but take offense to something someone else posted.

This often ends in a mess. I try to avoid giant flame wars, but they tend to erupt. I spent two hours last week fighting about abortion. Since what you post is out there for everyone to see, it’s best to refrain from posting anything unkind or overly laced with profanity.

The nice thing about arguing online is that you can wait as long as you want between responses. No scrambling for counterpoints, no awkward pauses, no flaring tempers… it’s fights made civilized.

Of course, it’d probably be more civilized to stay out of Facebook flame wars entirely, but I just can’t help myself.


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