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Blocked? June 5, 2012

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Hi. I’m the creative part of your brain right now.

Writer’s block is overrated.

I believe it exists. I believe that sometimes the words won’t come and you can’t get your mind right and it sucks. But I also believe that it doesn’t happen as often as we think. When we’re lazy, or tired, or bored, we don’t want to admit that we just don’t feel like working. It’s easier to blame writer’s block. So we do.

It’s hard to be completely bereft of ideas. If I’m stuck on something, I try to make myself move to something else. Novel, poem, short story, blog post. It doesn’t matter. The idea is to write, no matter what. (You’d be surprised how many of these posts are born when I don’t want to edit.)

I have days where I set everything up – find my editing pen, lay out my pages, boot up my computer – and can’t bring myself to lift a finger. That’s not writer’s block. It’s laziness. If even chores seem preferable, I do the chores. I eat a snack. Check Facebook. Then I drag myself back to my story and make myself work.

If you’ve tried moving around and tried taking a break and trying to write still feels like staring down a brick wall, congratulations. You may actually have writer’s block.

Good luck.


3 Responses to “Blocked?”

  1. Should we call it motivation block then?

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