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Class Frenzy June 19, 2012

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Tomorrow, I embark on a voyage to the college that will be my home for the next four years. I must undergo summer orientation, where I will conference with various people, take placement tests, and be forced to mingle. My schedule will be made during this event, determining how much slacking I’ll be able to get away with next year. (Just kidding. I do hope it’s easier than IB senior year, which many graduates have told me.) It’s suggested that I determine which classes I want beforehand to make things easier. A few days ago, I pulled up the course catalogue and set out on a great hunt through the list of random classes. I needed to locate three options (one preferred, two backup) for humanities, history, math/science, and electives.

Right away, I ran into problems. The navigation was poorly set up. I had to click through three different screens to view whether a course had empty seats, was open to non-majors, or required pre-requisites. Most sciences (which I need for general ed. credits) were major-specific. Others were unavailable. Courses that sounded interesting required me to take far duller ones first. Why do I need to take American History for the third time (paying good money for it) when I could be studying Vietnam instead?

My course list is currently a horrible, scrawled, and scratched out mess:


The course advisors are going to love me.

This is the product of a long day of finding classes, realizing I couldn’t take them, scratching them out, and repeating ad nauseam. I hope the schedule makers can decipher it. Meanwhile, my IB scores aren’t out yet. Those results may give me credit that can adjust my schedule still further, potentially undoing any progress we make during orientation. Fun.

You gotta love enrollment.


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