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Class Frenzy pt 2 June 22, 2012

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The ordeal is over, and I survived (albeit barely). After a 5 AM to 11 PM day full of constant stimulation and not much sleep… let’s just say it was fun and leave it at that. What’s more – I’m enrolled! Per usual, this could not be completed without drama. Out of five classes and one backup chosen with an advisor, I was able to enroll in two of them without a fuss. One was full and I had to get special permission to enter. The others were either full, not available that semester, for upperclassmen only, or in conflict. After desperately scrolling through class lists, this is my schedule for the first semester of college:

General Anthropology

Classical Mythology (Honors)

Intermediate French Composition and Conversation

The Early Modern World (Honors)

Introduction to Religion (Honors)

No math, no science… it’s going to be a weird semester. I can’t wait to get started!

(Longer posts are forthcoming. I’m still sleepy at the moment, but we should be back on track on Sunday.)


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