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A Quick Explanation of Asexuality July 20, 2012

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Ok – I’ve seen one sponge joke too many this week, so I’m dropping by with a brief explanation of what human asexuality is.

First of all, different people interpret their asexuality differently. I’ll try to define it as broadly as possible to avoid stepping on any toes, but in the end it is a very individual thing. (Just like any other sexuality. What do you know?)

Asexuality in humans is not the same as in plants, bacteria, etc. We do not split in half to reproduce, although that’s been suggested (as a joke, though, so I’m not that put out about it.) Asexuality means something very simple. We are not sexually attracted to other people of any gender. That’s all.

Notice that I said ‘sexually attracted’. Some asexuals are interested in and pursue romantic relationships. To clarify this, many of us preface ‘asexual’ with ‘-romantic’. A heteroromantic asexual is romantically attracted to members of the opposite sex. An aromantic asexual is not interested in romantic relationships at all. (I currently identify as such.) However, it’s frequently difficult for us to determine what romantic attraction is in a culture that ties it so strongly to physical affection.

Let’s establish this – asexuals are perfectly capable of love. They are not emotionless robots. Even aromantic asexuals are only ‘missing’ feelings of romantic and sexual attraction. Friendship, platonic love, joy, sadness, etc…. we feel those just the same. Being heterosexual does not rob you of the ability to love and care about members of your gender.

Roughly 1% of humans identify as asexual. Some remain celibate; others do not. There’s no proven biological link, whether a missing gene, low hormone levels, etc. Some people simply do not feel that way about sex.

Please respect that. Thanks and sorry for the soapbox. 🙂 If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.


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